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A trip to Matera & Basilicata isn't just about enjoying beautiful sights and incredible food – it's also about great experiences that create memories that last forever. 

Here at Agriturismo L'assiolo, you can enjoy a number of experiences that will make your stay here truly unforgettable.    


Matera Cooking Class offers in-house cooking lessons & demonstrations which give guests the chance to learn more about traditional food from Matera, Basilicata and Southern Italy.

All lessons & demonstrations last 3-4 hours and can be booked for either morning or afternoon.

Lessons & Demonstrations include:

  • 2 dishes 

  • Fresh pasta lesson

  • Lunch (antipasti & primo) - including wine

  • Maximum of 6 people per lesson

How to Make Traditional Italian Bread Balls | Amazing Italian Recipes

How to Make Traditional Italian Bread Balls | Amazing Italian Recipes

***TIPS*** 1. Even though my ancestors didn't have this option, if you like, you can add some cooked ham and mozzarella cheese! 2. When making your breadcrumbs for this, only use the soft part of the bread! Don't use the crusts! 3. Peanut oil is the best oil to use for this dish, although any vegetable oil can work. Make sure the oil is a good temperature for frying before adding your breadballs. If it's too hot, it will burn the outside and leave the inside raw – so be careful! Buon appetito! INGREDIENTS 1 SMALL ONION OLIVE OIL CHILLI FLAKES SALT 400g PASSATA 2 CHERRY TOMATOES 3 EGGS 100g BREADCRUMBS 50g PARMESAN PARSLEY 500ml PEANUT OIL Our 'cucina povera' (or 'poor cuisine') here in the South of Italy offers many great ideas for simple, easy to make dishes and this is a unique recipe that has long been cooked in my family. In the past, many people couldn't afford to buy meat too often and so they created amazing things like this using only breadcrumbs and eggs. My mamma made this and my nonna before her…now it's your turn! ⇨ For written recipe: Music: Holidays by AlekSound Link: License: ⇨ For more recipes every week, don't forget to subscribe: ⇨ Follow me on Facebook here: #Italianfood #easytomake #salsa #recipes #foodie #letseat #cooking #cookthis #food #hungry #dinner #delicious #yummyfood #italyfood #breadballs
How to Make Amazing Fennel Gratin | Vegetarian Italian Recipes

How to Make Amazing Fennel Gratin | Vegetarian Italian Recipes

⇨ For written recipe: ***TIPS*** 1. You only need to boil the fennel for about 5 minutes! They need to still have 'a bite' before putting them in the oven. 2. This is the original version, but if you like you can swap the parmesan for pecorino or you could even add mozzarella, ham or whatever you like! Feel free to experiment! 3. DON'T FORGET to keep a touch of that water that you've boiled the fennel in. You're going to need that before putting it in the oven! INGREDIENTS TWO FENNELS OLIVE OIL SALT BREAD CHILLI FLAKES PARSLEY PARMESAN This fennel gratin recipe works as a special and easy to prepare side dish (un contorno) to accompany either meat or fish. Honestly though, it works great as main dish too. The flavour is amazing – not to mention the smell! In olden times, farmers here in the South of Italy would prepare something like this over an open fire whilst taking a break from a hard day of work. It's another great example of how to create amazing dishes with few ingredients. Buon appetito! Music: Imagefilm 018 by Sascha Ende Link: License: ⇨ For more recipes every week, don't forget to subscribe: ⇨ Follow me on Facebook here: #Italianfood #easytomake #fennel #recipes #foodie #letseat #cooking #cookthis #food #hungry #dinner #delicious #yummyfood #italyfood #fennelgratin



Image by Adrian Motroc

Starting from the agriturismo, Cosimo’s hike is about 10km long. The goal is to reach the top of the hill of Miglionico, about 465 meters above sea level. The difference in altitude is about 350 meters.


The duration of the entire round trip is about 3.5 hours.


You’ll start this hike on the banks of the San Giuliano lake in a protected natural area. The reservoir was created from the barrage of the Bradano river and developed thanks to the Marshall Plan program between 1950 and 1957. The presence of the lake immediately attracted several species of aquatic birds, so much so that the WWF established an oasis here in 1989. In 2006, among the clay sediments that characterise the territory of the reserve, the skeleton of a whale dating back to the Pleistocene (about 2.5 million years - 11,700 years ago) was found.


After a short stretch along the shores of Lake San Giuliano, you’ll slowly begin to climb towards the town of Miglionico.

The path is easy and characterised by the alternation of several sheep-tracks and wide paths that have been traced first by the walkers, then the trampling of flocks and  then also by agricultural vehicles.


The route to the historic centre of Miglionico is entirely uphill. The lowest point is about 120 metres above sea level and the highest is at the castle of Miglionico, about 465 metres.


The beginning of the hike moves through the shade of Aleppo and Eucalyptus pines, which characterise the reforestation belt of the lake and then it becomes exposed and surrounded by the wheat and oat fields of local farmers.


After about 5 km you’ll reach the historic centre of the town of Miglionico, known for the Castle of Malconsiglio. It is here where the conspiracy of the Barons against King Ferdinand I of Naples took place.


From the castle and from the top of the hill on which Miglionico stands, it is possible to admire both the hilly landscape of the Bradano plain and to observe Matera from a different perspective.